Join the SWARM!

The SWARM is a series of events designed to give visitors a taste of everything bee.


The environmental problems facing our planet today are colossal.  From mass extinctions to the ongoing meltdown of Fukushima, to GMO contamination, to geoengineering of our climate, and more, we must work together to support ecosystems and fight the onslaught of negative human impacts on the planet.


Living in a sustainable manner means being pro-active in the practice of eco-friendliness.

Join us at these events to learn more about all of the following:


Failure to Thrive:  The Bee-Human Connection

Bee and bio-friendly yards

Impacts on bee and human health:  GMO's to Geoengineering

Sustainable Business/Lifestyle/Education:  Products/Services/Practices

Climate Problems and Solutions

Geoengineering and the Law


Coming Winter 2016

2015 - Dr David Goulson:  Bees, Pesticides and Politics



8:00am // Registration, Coffee & Mingling

9:00am // Welcome

9:15am // Speaker Panel

10:15am // Break

11:00am // BEE TALKS Series 1

11:25am // Break

11:30am // BEE TALKS Series 2

11:55 am //SOL Food Lunch

2:00 pm // BEE TALKS Series 3

2:25pm // Unconventional Shades of Grey

4:15pm // SOL Mixer

7:00am // Vendor Set Up

9:00am // Vendor Break from Set Up

2:00pm // Vendor Set Up

3:00 // SOL EXPO Starts

11:30//SOL EXPO Break Down


7:30  Hive Dance Opening

9:30  Queen Bee Presentation

10:30  Hive Revival

11:30 Whole Hive: Love the Bee Waggle Dance

12:00 Buzz Down

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