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Bee Heroic was established from the necessity of saving the bees and other pollinators from projected extinction.  The bee is one of the 900,000 known species of endangered insects. 


Bees, wild and domesticated, are a cornerstone insect, upon which, ecosystems, human health, economies, and lives, depend.  

Bee Heroic hosts adult focused bee/eco-friendly educational events that inform participants of the problems and solutions regarding pollinator impacts and climate geoengineering.  


Our  topics range from bees and pollinators, to GMOs, climate and weather modification issues and impacts, sustainable lifestyles, and various, related, human impacts on Earth. 

Our mission at Bee Heroic is to provide an information-to-action platform for initiating practices that will save the bees, and all pollinators,  from near-term extinction.  


If we do not act swiftly these valuable insects, birds, bats and small mammals will be gone. Once viable populations are gone, so too shall the foundation of our natural environment, food economies, and natural health.

Bee aware.  Bee proactive.  Bee heroic.

Join us in 2019  

Pollen Nation Tour

Bee Heroic will be hitting the road this year, joining events in states throughout the U.S..

Bee Heroic's tour includes events that focus on Sustainable/Organic/Local (SOL) products, services and practices.

From agriculture and music, to business, brews and other bee-friendly venues, Bee Heroic will be presenting - and participating in - a variety of great shindigs!​

Presentations range from information on pollinators and climate/geoengineering, to sustainable business, lifestyles and education. 

Our bee-huggin' booths include eco-friendly products and information designed to allow guests at venues to take action immediately in supporting pollinators and the planet.

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Bee Wild... Plant and Create Yards for Native Bees


"The needs of wild bees are so different that, as some experts say, raising honeybees to save pollinators is like raising chickens to help birds. Though many homeowners respond to “save a bee” campaigns by purchasing hives, the practice is unlikely to improve honeybee health and may harm other bees by increasing competition for floral resources and exacerbating the risk of disease transmission. In the turf-dominated landscapes of suburbia, native bees need all the flowers they can find."

Dan Rather interview with beekeeper Tom Theobald: Neonicotinoid Insecticides and the Mass-death of Bee Colonies
Earth Focus Environmental News Network interview with beekeeper Tom Theobald:
Colony Collapse Disorder Threatens Bees; Us Agriculture
The Beekeeper: Boulder, CO beekeeper, Tim Brod, discusses the value of high quality honey and the importance of maintaining our relationship with the honeybee.
Earth Focus Environmental New Network:  Killing Bees:  Are Government and Industry Responsible?

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