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Bee Aware.  Bee Proactive.  Bee Heroic.

Our mission at Bee Heroic is to provide an information-to-action platform for initiating practices that will save and protect Earth's bees, and all of it's extraordinary pollinators, from near-term extinction.  

Bee aware.  Bee proactive.  Bee heroic.

Bee Heroic was established from the necessity of saving the bees and other pollinators from projected extinction.  


The bee is one of the roughly 900,000 documented species of  insects, but scientists estimate there are about 20 million yet to be documented.  Bees - wild and domesticated - are part of the Hymenoptera order of insects which includes among them wasps, flies, ants and others that make up cornerstone insects; but we need all insects for healthy eco and food systems; upon which, human health, economies, and lives, depend.  

Bee Heroic is an adult focused pollinator and climate project that hosts and joins events throughout the US. 

Earth's current mass extinction event is rarely mentioned in mainstream media. Because of this, many people do not realize our ecosystems and agriculture are in peril.  Current pollinator and ecosystems problems will not wait another generation.  As an adult focused project, we work to inform community members -  and especially parents - of the primary factors influencing pollinator losses what we can all do to help alleviate and even stop them.

Bee Heroic provides information on both the known and unknown factors impacting our pollinator losses and provides resources on how to take meaningful, concise, and immediate action.

Bee Heroic in 2024


Pollen Nations Count

The great pollen nation includes the scope of winged and terrestrial insects, birds, bats, and other animals responsible for pollinating the bulk of Earth's ecosystem and agricultural flowering plants that don't rely on wind for pollination

These amazing animals have co-evolved with the plants they pollinate, and are largely responsible for the perpetuation and health of land based forest, riparian, and desert eco-systems. 


Unfortunately, nearly all species of pollinators are in peril.  As ecosystems are destroyed for real estate, commercial or civic use, resources are polluted, valuable habitat disappears leaving many of these animals homeless, starving, or poisoned.  In addition to those impacts, human technologies - from agrochemical, to 5th Generation (5G) cellular, to geoengineering are accelerating the Extinction of Earth's remaining pollinators.


Can we work together to stop these deadly impacts? 


Yes.  It will take heroic action.  Work with us.  Bee heroic.

Bee Wild... Propagate Yards for Native Bees


"The needs of wild bees are so different that, as some experts say, raising honeybees to save pollinators is like raising chickens to help birds. Though many homeowners respond to “save a bee” campaigns by purchasing hives, the practice is unlikely to improve honeybee health and may harm other bees by increasing competition for floral resources and exacerbating the risk of disease transmission. In the turf-dominated landscapes of suburbia, native bees need all the flowers they can find."

Make a Donation to the Pollen Nation:

Bee Heroic provides information on a range of issues that expose corrupt organizations, corporations, governmental agencies, and individuals who are responsible for driving the environmental and food systems collapse.  Due to this content, it is extremely difficult to "qualify" for state and federal grants, and therefore depend on individual donations to support our work.  Bee part of the swarm.  

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Earth Focus Environmental New Network:  Killing Bees:  Are Government and Industry Responsible?

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