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Bee Friendly Resources

From planting a bee friendly garden, to greening your home and workplace, we will give you the bee line to the best resources for green business, lifestyles, and education - products and services.

Below you will find websites, videos and documents for everything from bee and pollinator health, to sustainable lifestyles, geoengineering and weather modification.

SOL Food

What is SOL Food? It's food that's good for the soul, the environment, and our bodies.   Sustainable/Seasonal/Organic/Local SOL foods are the most nutrient dense and flavorful foods we can put into our bodies  When food is produced in nutrient dense soils it has a higher volume of minerals and vitamins.  Living soils have a symbiotic relationship with plants; and in keeping that relationship healthy, we are rewarded with an outstanding "income" of flavor and nutrition.


SOL/Bee/Pollinator Connection:  When we keep our plants free of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, GMOs, and chemicals and heavy metals  from geoengineering, the insects  and animals responsible for pollinating them stay healthy.   As we, humans, depend on these creatures to pollinate our fruits, vegetables, and nuts, the failure of their well being, means the failure of ours.


Eat Well:  There are hundreds of SOL food options in the region, whether you are eating out, shopping for the holidays, looking for a caterer, or seeking a restaurant.  


SOL Meat/Dairy/Eggs:


SOL Vegetables/Fruits/Nuts/Cheese:


Regional/National Distributors: 


Bee Friendly Products and Services

Bees are awesome little creatures.  With more than 900 species in Colorado alone, these insects are extremely important to our ecosystems and food production.


As Americans, we tend to take things for granted.  Unfortunately for the honeybee and ourselves, our unconsious consumerism has created a problem in environmental health.


Keeping bees healthy, means we need to purchase smarter.  We do this by learning about where and how products are produced, and whether or not we need them at all.  Supporting those in the sustainable bee/honey/pollinator industry, means supporting our food supplies for generations to come.

Pollinator Foundations 




Garden Products and Services

Bee  Informed



Ted X Talks

PDF's :


PDF's :  Geoengineering


Websites:  Geoengineering


Websites:  Geoengineering

GMO Websites

Industry Watchdog Websites

Bee  Pro-Active

Project Particopation

Bee -Friendly Steps

Bee-  Friendly Shopping 



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