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Geoengineering and Environment

Geoengineering is One of the Greatest Drivers of Anthropogenic Climate Change


Geoengineering is defined under scientific terms, via foundations and organizations globally, as the deliberate large scale intervention in Earth's natural systems to counteract climate change


While science foundations may focus research on climate mitigation, they are not the only groups involved in the research, development, and execution (RD&E) of these projects. Other executors include military and commercial entities; who utilize geoengineering for commercial, environmental, and military purposes.

Geoengineering RD&E has been practiced for decades, but current technological advances have accelerated and intensified its utilization in recent years for both commercial and military use. 


Mainstream media regularly reports on climate "change" and occasionally mentions scientific "proposals" of geoengineering, but their gross failure in keeping up with - and reporting on - the commercial and military utilization of geoengineering projects and technologies, has led to societal misdirection where climate issues are concerned.

The scope of geoengineering projects is vast. This page introduces some of the primary topics and matter related to them.  Please visit our resources page for more information.

 Bee aware.  Bee proactive.  Bee heroic.


Geoengineering and Environment

Climate Change vs  Climate Engineering


Geoengineering today, is the single largest driver in human caused climate change.  This may sound unusual to those who have long thought the problems were caused by carbon dioxide and other human influenced gases; however, while those gasses in excess are greatly influential, it is the geoengineering projects - executed for over 70 years - which are disrupting natural systems, destroying agriculture, and accelerating the current mass extinction.

Carbon Dioxide Non-Sense

If carbon dioxide and CO2 - Equivalents were the primary drivers in climate change and global warming (greenhouse gas effect), the planet would be getting "wetter".  There would be greater humidity, lusher plants (as plants absorb CO2 and release O2), and more oxygen.  Instead, we have increasingly anomalous RH (relative humidity) levels, far lower ground-based humidity/moisture levels, more extreme weather (drought, floods, hail, lightning), weather whiplash (extreme heat - cold events over shorter time periods) and plants and forests that are drying out - even in riparian zones - and dying.

Plants and Animals

With anomalous, engineered weather systems, plants and animals cannot sense - via light, pressure, moisture and temperature cues - what would naturally impel them (plants and animals in relation) to behave and express changes in growth, and chemical expression, behaviour, migration, orientation, reproduction and other natural processes.

Humans and Economics

According to the CME, a third of all industry on Earth is directly connected to weather (the other two thirds are contingent on them).  These industries include, but are not limited to:  agriculture, military, communications, energy, transportation, mining, and health.  If you can control the weather you have power over these industries, and therefore a general rein on global economies.

Mainstream Media (MSM) Silence

MSM has long-been controlled by those who sponsor the message.  It takes no more than a few minutes of conventional television to see handfuls of commercials about cars (big oil/mining), fast food (agrochemical, chemical, pharmaceutical), 5G/phones (telecom industry), pharmaceutical (chemical and banking), credit cards (banking).  These same industries contain corporations and individuals who invest in geoengineering research, development and execution.  Due to the intentional and accidental impacts of geoengineering - particularly the moving of atmospheric rivers for profit, and accidental destruction of property and life - these investor/profiteers, do not want the general public/farmers to be informed. Therefore, mainstream news and scientific outlets are greatly funded and tightly controlled.

Geoengineered Weather Anomalies

Climate engineering through military, commercial, and scientific entities, and has been creating more severe weather than ever before.  Whether planned or accidental, these projects must be addressed and stopped before our food and eco systems are completely destroyed. 


The American Meteorological Society (AMS) has been addressing the impacts of geoengineering, bi-annually, for several decades as part of their global conferences on Planned and Inadvertent Weather Modification.  This conference addresses the gross impacts of various geoengineering technologies and provides information on services, companies, research etc.


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This page contains sections on various websites, researchers, projects, programs and impacts of geoengineering.  If you have any questions or would like for us to present for your organization, please contact us.

 Bee aware.  Bee proactive.  Bee heroic.

In Plane Sight   
Do you believe your own eyes?
Each day around the world, weather systems are being modified. Utilizing a range of technologies, climate engineering corporations and foundations, modify natural weather to create systems to suit their purposes.  These modifications disrupt natural weather and weather processes upsetting regional patterns.  Geoengineering technologies  which range from chemical/metal/biologic and various aerosol agents, to microwave/transmitter and satellite sciences are further impacting ecosystem health by impacting everything from the ozone to microbes and every living thing iin between..
Millions of images/videos of Earth's sky containing aerosol trails (the most visible of geoengineering technologies) - recently listed as a "new cloud type"  on the World Meteorological Organization's website - from both planned and inadvertent geoengineering are uploaded to the internet each day. The links (see buttons below) are demonstrative of projects described as "proposed" Solar Radiation Management (SRM) ; a scientific term describing the use of geoengineering to reflect sunlight back into space - essentially "dimming" our planet into a "cooling" state.  But, these projects can be used for both military purposes, and commercial profit, as well.
Though legal under state and federal laws, an international agreement (The United Nation's ENMOD Treaty) asks that geoengineering not be used for purposes of warfare; even against it's own citizensSeveral countries, including the US, and others, will not agree.
Geoengineering projects are executed without the knowledge or consent of the majority of people throughout the world.

Geoengineering Watch

Chemical Spray - Footage from Plane

TMC - 65 Manufactured Cloud

Tarus Molecular Cloud Maker

US Air Force:  Owning the Weather by 2025; Weather as a Force Multiplier
" Weather modification will become a part of domestic and international security and could be done unilaterally... It could have offensive and defensive applications and even be used for deterrence purposes.  The ability to generate precipitation, fog, and storms on Earth to modify space weather.... and the production of artificial weather are all a part of an integrated set of technologies which can provide substantial increase in US, or degraded capability in an adversary, to achieve global awareness, reach, and power."   Air University of the USAF, AF 2025 Final Report.

Weather Modification: Past, Present and Future

Jim Lee

Geoengineering Researcher and Activist:

Weather Modification History and Climate Viewer

~ Technologies, Patents, People, and Programs

~  Weather Modification History


UN (United Nations) Address: Geoengineering History, Impacts on Agriculture and Health

Rosalind Peterson: USDA Crop Loss Adjustor 

Founder:  Agriculture Defense Coalition

Zero Geoengineering

Zero 5G 

State Action tool to support people and states worldwide in shutting down pollution-generating atmospheric modification schemes, including cloud-seeding, Solar Radiation Management (SRM), Carbon Capture Sequestration (CCS), and more, which together comprise GeoEngineering.

Why In the  World are They Spraying

An introductory documentary to geoengineering  programs and the impacts they have on global economies and the environment.

Filmmaker:  Michael Murphy


Unconventional Grey

Michael Murphy's third geoengineering documentary.  Recently released, it is an extraordinary documentary that was not immediately released as his targeting from shadow government drove him our of society.

Filmmaker:  Michael Murphy


Chemtrails: the Secret War

Subtitled - Documentary

Film Maker: Rosario Marciano 

Scientists : 

Dr. Giorgio Pattera - biologist
Dr. Corrado Penna - physicist

Geoengineering: Destroying Atmosphere, Soils and Waterways

Rosalind Petersen: Ret. USDA Farm Service Agency:  Crop Loss Adjuster




Geoengineering Health Video

Dr. Russell Blaylock: Neurologist

Aluminum Aerosols and Brain Health

Introduction to Geoengineering and Aerosol Trails


 Scott Stevens: Retired Meteorologist


The physics behind weather modification/geoengineering.

HAARP Explained: Angels Don't Play this  HAARP


Dr. Nick Begich presents a compelling discussion of one of the important military advances of the US government.


HAARP technology was designed for  the purposes of military and commercial uses for communications, climate engineering, warfare, and more.  Dr Nick Begich presents on the impacts and controversy surrounding the HAARP technology, projects, and secrecy.

Morgellons Video

Disease: MHS 19: Patented Morgellons; Insect Hormone Ecdysone Switches On and Off

Bee Proactive.  Statewide dismantling of Climate Geoengineering Projects


Bee a Zero Geoengineering Activist:

Currently, the ability to legislate Geoengineering Governance remains disconnected from public input mechanisms and outside the legal framework of our elected state and local USA Representatives.

Small groups of politically aligned international globalist financiers and scientists are making all important  decisions about the use and development of Geoengineering and global governance without public knowledge or consent.

For this reason, we are urging individuals, states and nations to follow Rhode Island’s lead to push for Geoengineering specific laws and regulations  to protect the environment, economy, agriculture, wildlife, public health and safety from dangerous climate engineering and weather modification schemes.

Contact your State Representatives and local Assembly Members, Delegates, especially those who serve on health and environmental committees, to let them know that you strongly support a state law to BAN Geoengineering & weather modification use and development, including “cloud seeding.”

Click on the links below, for both,  for state contact and information outlines and soil testing information.

For more information on geoengineering please visit our resource page.

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