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5G and the Bee

Bees plea, "Stop 5G!"

5G: Building the IoT

5G - Fifth Generation cellular telecom is the foundation of a set of technologies that collectively make up the Internet of Things (IoT).  The IoT itself, is a conglomeration of technologies designed to enhance,  amplify, and connect communications for commercial and military purposes throughout the world. 

The IoT will connect billions of devices by the end of 2020 and will make the telecom industry trillions of dollars.

Touted by mainstream media (MSM) as an amazing technological advancement - where citizens can download movies quicker, be a passive passenger in driverless cars, check for poop in their children's diapers via microchips and nanotech and more - 5G looks like an exciting new technology.  But, it is their lie by omission that is deceptive to the consumer.


MSM and the telecom industry fail to expose, and present, the environmental and biological health impacts.  There is little indication of the monstrous implications that it will have on Earth's microbes, plants, pollinators and all life within a handful of years if the 5G "dream" of 5G telecom comes to fruition.

5G: Testing.  Testing. 1,2,3.

5G and the IoT will add millions of new, ultra-high frequency cell towers and tens of thousands of low Earth orbiting (LEO) satellites to our planet.  This will essentially bathe the planet in electrosmog; a constant blanket of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) 24/7. No living thing on Earth will be free of it's deadly radiation.  

This new technology will  both "piggy back" on existing 2G - 4G/4GLTE towers, and be independent.  The frequencies for 5G are much higher and the waves do not travel far; therefore towers will be much closer together (150 - 250 meters apart) and mounted on everything from storefronts to streetlights.

We have known for decades that EMR/EMFs have negative impacts on microbes, plants, and animals but 5G/Fifth Generation Cellular has been nonetheless, approved by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  Their safety studies include only a single antiquated test that has accounted for only thermal (heat) impacts; and did not utilize any existing biological, environmental, or horticultural impact studies based on current mmWave technologies.

5G:  Bees, Birds, Bats and Trees

 All life on Earth exists and thrives around the Schumann Resonance: 7.83 Hz, with mild fluctuations. Second, third and Forth Generation (2/3/4G) technologies have negative impacts on us because they change they physiologically change this inside our bodies, with particular impacts on our brain and heart; and with the rollout of 5G (a frequency increase of about 10,000X), will come a swift, immediate, and deadly change to our environment.

While life on Earth exists and thrives at similar frequencies, the differences in insect, bird,  amphibian and other animals'  bodies, and the genetic make-up of plants, fungi and other life, simply cannot exist for long - if at all - with  the ultra-high millimeter wave (mmWaves) frequencies utilized in 5G technology. Due to several factors - including body size,  the magnetite that all animals have in their bodies and more - pollinating insects and animals are highly susceptible to 5G.  In addition, the fact that mmWaves make plants toxic - to animals and humans - creates a combination that is forcing accelerated extinction of nearly all life on Earth.


Stop 5G.  Bee proactive.  Bee heroic.

Bee Safe:  5G Radiation Products and Services for EMF Safety
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Bee-ings of Resonance

Resonance Beings of Frequency:  Documentary

This outstanding documentary covers the discovery of the resonance of all life on Earth, and further, uncovers, how every being on Earth is reacting to the biggest change in environment this planet has ever seen; frequencies caused by man made communication technologies.

Two billion years ago life began on Earth resonating  a natural frequency - 7.83 HTz. Later termed the Schumann Resonance.  As evolution occurred, it did so surrounded by this frequency. 

Research in this film demonstrates that being exposed to this frequency is absolutely integral to life on Earth. It controls our mental and physical health, it synchronizes circadian rhythms,  aids our immune systems and improves our sense of well being.

Our bodies are both, surrounded by natural frequencies, and  filled with them. Cells communicate using electro magnetic frequencies. Our brains emit a constant stream of them, and our DNA delivers instructions, using these waves. Without them we die.

This delicate balance took billions of years to become what it is today. But over the last several decades the harmony between life and Earth has been catastrophically disrupted.

Humans are now immersed in a smog artificial frequencies that drowns out Earth's natural resonance.

5G and artifical resonances are the most dangerous technologies of our day.  Help stop them.

Dr. Martin L. Pall - Professor Emeritus

Biochemistry and Medical Sciences
Washington State University
Presentation:  How Wireless Technology Harms People and Nature - EMF/VGCC
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