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Bee Spirit



Bee Spirit-u-all Colorado





  1. Of, relating to, or affecting the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

  2. Finding connection to energy, goodness, generosity, and well being


    "I'm responsible for finding delicious spirits that are good to the Earth and all it's inhabitants."  

Synonyms: nonmaterial, incorporeal, intangible, bee-huggin'

The next time you have a gathering, party, or are celebrating any bee-autiful event, why not toast with  a SOL (sustainable/local/organic) based booze!


Gettin' your spirit on is as easy as lovin' a bee.


When we purchase spirits and other products from businesses that care about the Earth and it's inhabitants, we are supporting entities that ensure the well-being of future generations.  We have made it easy to find your way to bee-friendly spirit-uality; check out the links on our page to find bee-huggin' booze anywhere in the US.                                                                                




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