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Bee and other pollinator numbers reach devistating lows as negative climate impacts continue to grow.  It is imperative that we work dillignently to curb these problems.  Pollintors are cornerstone for food systems, economies, and health; and are all at stake if we continue to ignore the issues and impacts surrounding their losses.


If we can save the bees, perhaps we can save ourselves.

Bee Generous

We have several projects in the works at Bee Heroic.


Bee Heroic's projects include conventional education and outreach and an unconventional series of events; both of which are information-to-action based.  We are a bee-and-climate-friendly, bee-and-climate-promotional foundation; everything from our event hosts, to product sponosrs are part of our outreach  projects.  We utilize events as an integrated teaching tool, helping attendees understand how consumreism and lifestyles impact the Earth.   In every action we take as consumers - from what we eat, to home and personal care products, to buildings in which we reside, how we choose to recreate and more - we  affect ecosystems.  It is up to us to choose whether we want those impacts to be positive, neutral or negative.    

Bee aware.  Bee proactive.  Bee heroic.


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