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Bees and the scope of insects and animals that pollinate Earth's ecosystems and farmlands  are part of our great "pollen nation".  These animals co-evolved with nearly all flowering plants we see today, and without them, humans and most animals on Earth can not exist.


Unfortunately, all species of the great pollen nation are in peril.  Honeybees, hummingbirds, ants, bats, small mammals and other pollinators are all part of the current mass extinction event, and their populations dropping to alarmingly low numbers. Without viable populations human health and economies will be gravely impacted.  It is imperative that we work diligently to curb and halt the issues and impacts driving these losses. 

Bee Generous

Bee Heroic is an adult-focused program that works throughout the US on various projects. These include mainstream and unconventional events as well as multi-state tours, pollinator and climate symposiums, mixers, customized presentations, game-shows, and more.

Bee Heroic is an integrated sustainability foundation. We understand the direct connection between environmental health and our own - and the role that sustainability plays - so we are proud of the businesses and individuals who work toward preserving Earth and it's great pollen nation.  We love that our supporters are eco-friendly individuals and companies.     

Bee aware.  Bee proactive.  Bee heroic.


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